New Regulations from the CDC allow us to state that if you have not been vaccinated yet, we strongly suggest you wear a mask.  We will continue to suggest safe distancing and to be polite to our partons and staff as we navigate to a new era in the prevention of COVID19.

      WE SELL

Are you interested in selling your antiques or collectibles?  We are able to offer you top prices for your unwanted items... from one item to an entire estate!  All transactions are confidential and secure and we will not pressure you while you make your decision.

We have one of the best selections of antiques and collectible in the Central Florida area.  Are  you looking for a particular item?  Let us know and chances are we either have it in house or we can find it for you. If you appreciate unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, this is the place to satisfy your treasure hunt!

Whether you're hosting for the first time or the 25th time, let your Spring table decor set the scene for your special  gatherings.  Add a touch of retro and make 2021  a memorable experience . You might be a minimalist at heart, prefer a traditional design, or want nothing but glam galore accents, but whatever your style, we have Spring  table decor ideas for everyone!
  •     Candlesticks
  •     Chargers
  •     Centerpieces
  •     Stemware and cordials
  •     Presentation platters
  •     Elegant serving and  carving utensils
  •     Incredible Dessert accountrements
Let our specialist guide you with unique ideas as inspiration?most of them are easy to pull off so you can spend less time on finding the perfect Holiday table decor and more time on perfecting your Hosting Talents.
Looking for something Free and Fun to do?    If you have not visited Orange Tree Antiques Mall, you're missing out on one of the best Free Attractions in Florida!
We offer new Collections Every day and new ideas to re-invent your own personal style. Just take a look at what we have to offer:
1. One of the best Vinyl Record Collections in the state!
2. Vintage Jewelry
3. Kitchen: Cooking/Baking/ Gadgetry/ Retro Small Appliances
4. Books?from all over the world
5. Mid Century Home Furnishings and Furniture Accents
6. Entertainment Barware/Drinkware
7. Garage / Gas Station Memorabilia
8. Outdoor Entertainment / Patio/ Poolside/ Statuary/ Architectural
9. Wall Art and ?Hard to Find Collectibles? in Home Decorative Accessories
10. Retro and Authentic Toys


       WE BUY

It's all under one roof and that is why Orange Tree Antiques is not just  another Antique Store...
Come in and give us a visit and see for yourself. Conveniently located from almost anywhere in the Greater Orlando Area.


Orange Tree Antiques.  Conveniently located from just about anywhere in Orange County.

Not just another Antique Store, IT’S AN ADVENTURE!



Did you know….The Orange Bird was created in 1970 as a mascot for the Florida Citrus Commission in exchange for them sponsoring the Tiki Room attraction at Magic Kingdom. Accompanied by singer Anita Bryant, the two appeared in ads for Florida oranges and Bryant narrated a record album telling the character's story. After the Anita Bryant ad campaign was dropped in the late 70s, the Orange Bird had a solo career and appeared in a few educational shorts in the 1980s such as Foods and Fun: A Nutrition Adventure and The Orange Bird and the Nutrition Bandwagon. Eventually, the bird would fade into obscurity when Disney and the FCC severed their ties in 1987.  The Orange Bird is a small bird resembling an orange, or possibly an orange with the features of a bird. Regardless, the Orange Bird used to live up north in the United States before deciding to migrate to Florida for its high quantity of citrus to eat. It would come to live in the Sunshine Tree of Disney World.
NOT JUST ANTIQUES...but even more including Retro Collectibles, Vintage Clothing, and Vintage Vinyls...just memorable and incredible great finds! You will discover treasures in our well-organized Memory Lane aisles... 15000 square feet of a guaranteed memorable shopping experience!  Gifts for YOU, Your HOME, and From the Heart!

Conveniently located from just about anywhere in Orange County. Highway 17-92 just south 1 block from Fairbanks Avenue. 7 minutes from I-4, 10 minutes from downtown Orlando and just 30 minutes from the attractions area. Free Parking, Free package to car service, simply Free entertainment. Masks required and we follow CDC and county regulations in safe distancing and safe shopping environment guidelines.