Please don't take offense....

but we are a small company and every memory counts.  We Trust You…but we don’t trust accessories like Handbags and Backpacks from causing a liability.  We have a record of unfortunate accidents that have happened in the past because inadvertently and unintentionally a handbag hits a fixture or a valuable investment and the rest is history.  Not the kind of history that makes for a great memory. We have an Inventory Protection Policy in place with options to secure your personal belongings. Our No Handbags / No Backpacks Allowed on the Sales Floor rule is for your protection as well as ours.


Here is what we offer for your shopping convenience:

·         Free Lockers that lock and secure your belongings

·         No one touches your personal belongings, only you do

·         You have the key and keep the key while you are shopping

·         Cell Phones are allowed

·         This gives you the freedom with two free hands to touch, feel and admire our selections

·         Of course you may also have the option to lock your valuables in your vehicle


We want you to have a GREAT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE and to feel safe and secure at the same time.  We VALUE AND THANK YOU for shopping at Orange Tree Antiques Mall in Winter Park, Florida.