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the antiques trade is one of the most rewarding and fun trades to enter?  Many people become antiques dealers on a part-time basis. There is no large outlay of capital required and a lot of experience is not needed. There is no requirement for you to work in your area, although we have a standard for maintenance and presentation.    What you do need is an interest to sell well identified great classifications and an excitement level of watching them walk out the doors.

We are one of the largest Antiques Malls in Florida with 15,000 SF of unbelievable collections to be found anywhere.  We are proud of our reputation!

Does this sound like it could be your situation?

  • My unique finds are getting out of hand; it's time to liquidate and reclaim my spare bedroom and/or garage.
  • I've tried selling online, but it’s insecure, time-consuming; and the shipping aspect is cumbersome.
  • I don’t like chasing down money, handling complaints and refunds, or inviting strangers to my house.
  • I need some extra cash and have a lot of nice things to sell but don't have the time or money or desire to run my own shop full time.
  • I inherited great collections that I don't want but is too valuable to just throw away.
  • I love to shop for great vintage things that I can't really use but just know there's a market for them.
  • My tastes have changed, and I need to sell my old treasures so that I can start/continue building a new one.
  • I've always wanted to own my own small business but want to start out with something small and see if it's really for me.
  • I love to travel and find (pick) antiques and would like to find out from my accountant if I could be eligible to write off some of the expenses involved.
  • I'm retired, have an interest in antiques and collectibles, and have room in my life for like-minded friends.
  • Running my own shop takes more time and money than I ever imagined.  I want my life back!
  • I love watching shows like American Picker or the Antique Roadshow. 

We have limited spaces now available beginning at a monthly base rate of only $250 a month for a 6’ by 6’ space PLUS a 10% MONTHLY charge per sales transaction that covers bank fees and administration fees, with NO contract and NO additional surcharges. We process all sales, pay the sales tax and you get paid every month with an itemized accounting of all of your items sold for the period.

Are you game?

·         This is an opportunity for both men and women of all ages
·         You have a Love for what you have to offer and you are willing to keep it in a maintained state
·          We are looking for true enthusiast that can build a business based on either a mixture of antiques, retro, vintage, mid-century home decor, gifts, functional         entertainment, space saving furniture (specialty pieces), clothing or all of the above
·         We have seasonal promotional events to add fun and excitement to the mixture and help you promote sales
·         We have a Professional and Knowledgeable Staff that takes care of the customer for you
·         Our owner knows the market and will help guide you with a better understanding of the process procedures, standards and the demographics
·         Our Success is based on your Success.  We have a record of being the Best Antique Mall in Florida and we are very proud of that!  We have built strong relationships over the years and we will continue to build new ones
Want to discuss renting a space with us?  Stop in from now to the 21st (excluding Thursday May14th) from 9 am to 1 pm only, or give us a call at 407-644-4547 (same hours from 9 am to 1 pm only).

You can also reach us 24/7 by email

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